One of the main purposes with Scarlet Nerve, as you may have already discovered, is to make collaborative art. Thus we are always on the look out for individuals (Make Up Artists, Body Painters, Designers and Stylists are all welcome.) to collaborate with. If you would like to do so please read our working methods below and use the CONTACT FORM to get in touch.

Work Methods

We tend to work with raw emotion and uncut beauty so perfect proportions and pure glamour type collaborations/work usually do not interest without context or emotion. We are in now way interested in portraying plasticine perfection, thus unless you can artistically connect with the team the chances of working on a collaborative basis are rather non-existent.

However having said that, we do accept paid bookings if you are after our services for a very specific contract.

Every scenario and subject is different and we spend time understanding who we are working with, where I’m working at and what we are collectively trying to achieve. We forge a bond between lens, location and soul hence a prior creative meeting between all collaborating parties is vital.

We try to paint a whole story rather than just one fleeting moment so we would essentially be looking for models with no inhibitions, soul wise, and who can understand his or herself and get fully involved in the creative process.

Off the beaten path and a little crazy does add a lot to the plot.


Important Requirements

Please do note that for personal projects and TF work we will never randomly walk in, or let you walk in, to a session. We insist that all collaborating parties must sit down, in person for a creative meeting in order to discuss concepts, terms and other specifics.

Art is not impersonal and no commitments will be made until after this meeting.

TF RELEASE FORM must be signed by all parties. No exceptions.