Copyright Statement

Copyright Statement

I suppose I could write up a long complicated paragraph using complicated words related to copyright laws and threaten one with various legalities but that would defy the whole Scarlet Nerve purpose.

Instead all I’m going to ask is that if any one wants to and/or is going to reproduce or reuse any of my images please be kind enough to Contact Me and let me know which image you would like to use and what it would be used for. And from there on I will give you written permission to use the said image. Due photo author credit MUST be ALWAYS be given.

Sharing : If you are simply sharing an image because it has somewhat spoken to you in some manner all I ask is a re-link back to the Scarlet Nerve website or Social Media pages so the message and images will be carried to your friends and so forth.

For Purchase: Certain pictures maybe eligible for purchase in print form. Please Contact Me  if there are any requests or queries regarding any of these images.

Commercial Use : If you wish to use any of the photos for a commercial purpose you will no doubt have to Contact Me. And then depending on the nature of usage, we might be able to come to some agreement where I would give you written permission to use my photographs for a fee and due credits.

Having said all that please do note that this website and all images © 1998-2023 Dimitri Zaik and all images © 1998-2023 Dimitri Miththapala.

Thank you for your kind co-operation and understanding.

Kind Regards,