The Nerve


Scarlet Nerve is a collection of photographs by Dimitri Zaik. It is solely a collaborative effort with kindred spirits, depicting energy, emotions and stories through short photo parables. The bond and understanding between photographer, lens, soul (and mother nature) makes the images found in the Scarlet Nerve collection truly unique.

Gritty, grungy, raw and dusty. There is no plasticine glamour here.

The Author

Dimitri Zaik is a colourblind artist that grew up in the jungles of Ceylon. Over the years spent entwined in the wild he forged an unbreakable bond with mother earth and all her creatures.

Drawing upon this bond for inspiration, he has worked tirelessly – be it from the jungles he calls home, the great depths of the oceans or the hidden wonders of the Himalayan mountains – to develop and hone his own, peculiar, art of photography. Uniquely able to see beyond the distractions and facades of a vibrant, kaleidoscopic environment- Dimitri uses achromatic and colour warped palates to emulate the world he truly sees. His unabashed predilection for soul and the wonders of untainted emotion allows him to capture each of his subjects in a captivatingly honest and raw way.

Devoted to the idea of creating art for all the senses, Dimitri is also an award winning musical composer and in the process of compiling his first novel.

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